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Freenas Middleware Error Volume Creation Failed


If so, can you give me the output of: ls -l /dev/ada* gpart show ada2 glabel status graid status kldstat zpool statusblimpyboyUser15 postsPosted on 11 November 2012 @ 10:57Thanks for very On the Pools page, put one disk in offline mode, degrading the pool. 2. And can you go in your BIOS en check what your SATA controller is set to. I use Sonarr and SABnzbd. Source

Do not execute without triple checking dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada2 bs=1m count=100 (note: this overwrites the first 100MiB with zeroes on disk /dev/ada2) If you get permission denied when working with dd, share|improve this answer answered Jul 8 '14 at 12:13 MikeyB 29.1k565150 Yes, I tried "zpool import -f" and also "zpool import -f -F". Adub, Nov 13, 2011 #8 rnicolas Newbie Joined: Sep 20, 2011 Messages: 51 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 4 I got the same error on one of my test freeNAS boxes. I then tried to create a single disk ZFS or UFS array with the unused IDE drive.

Unable To Gpt Format The Disk

Anyone got any suggestions ? Now the last question ;-) Drives 1 and 2 were 160GB and 320GB respectively. Status:ClosedStart date:Priority:ImportantDue date:Assignee:-% Done:0%Category:BackendTarget version:- Seen in: Hardware Configuration: ChangeLog Entry: Description Based upon feedback that a CACHE drive will not help with inadequate RAM I used GUI to delete my

I cannot create a zfs or ufs array larger than 1.8tb even with 8 disks. #2 Updated by evan samett over 5 years ago I looked at all disks with GParted. Instead it was linked to how I overcame the issue of wiping the disks whilst attempting to delete my old UFS volume. Could you also try rebooting one more time? Freenas Wipe Disk Command Line I have so far tried the suggestions found in this answer and the "auto import volume" found in the web interface of freenas which writes this errors in /var/log/messages: Jul 8

action: The pool cannot be imported. Freenas Wipe Operation Not Permitted I am using FreeNAS 8.0.2 via a USB install on a 16GB USB stick. There is an 'emergency' command but i am very puzzled this does not work. By setting the debugflags parameter you deactivate/override this protection.

config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM root-pool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0 gpt/lbl2 ONLINE 0 0 0 gpt/lbl3 ONLINE 0 0 0 errors: No known data errors Unable To Gpt Format The Disk Ada0 A pool that is destroyed will continue to be detected; there is nothing wrong with that. What happens when 2 Blade Barriers intersect? see: http://illumos.org/msg/ZFS-8000-3C config: tank FAULTED corrupted data mirror-0 DEGRADED 15421378791904769 UNAVAIL cannot open ada2 ONLINE How can I destroy any trace of old pool structures and use the disk in my

Freenas Wipe Operation Not Permitted

GEOM_RAID: Promise: Subdisk newld:0-ada2 state changed from NONE to REBUILD. [[email protected] ~]# dd read is fine, but writing gives error: [[email protected] ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada2 bs=1m count=100 dd: /dev/ada2: Operation not GEOM: mirror/mirror0: corrupt or invalid GPT detected. Unable To Gpt Format The Disk History #1 Updated by evan samett over 5 years ago addendum: i just realize that my zfs/2 array of 8 x 2TB disks only comes up as 1.2TB online. Freenas Failed To Wipe Operation Not Permitted GEOM_RAID: Promise: Subdisk newld:0-ada2 state changed from NONE to REBUILD.

So I've mounted both the disks, again, in my linux machine and I've erased all with a "dd" on all the disk sectors. That's why you get permission denied. Only the "destroy data" option seems to delete all (or at least enough) of this data. Perhaps I can do that if I boot with live CD? [[email protected] ~]# zpool list -v NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT root-pool 149G 14.7G 134G 9% 1.00x ONLINE Freenas Wipe Disk

I thing that there is plenty of backup information about the volume scattered all over the entire disk. It also does not prevent you from overwriting that disk; that was never your problem. Here is some examples of the setup that I have tried after zeroing out both drives and leaving "kern.geom...." at default. have a peek here freenas kernel: GEOM: ada2: using the primary only -- recovery suggested.

How do I nudge the pool to make use of the new 90GB currently unused? Error: Unable To Gpt Format The Disk "ada2" If so, your RAID metasector could have a different starting offset, as it starts 4096 bytes from the end, instead of 512 bytes. I tried to create partition table on all the disks.

ZFS must have added some data of its own. ;) Glad it all worked out well for you.

How did the Romans wish good birthday? I have manually configured my IP address, IPv4 Default Gateway: and DNS server on the global configuration page, , but for some reason the default route is not recognised. You can do a brutal zero write on the disk, destroying everything. Freenas Format Disk Thank you !

Here are the connected iSCSI disks from my physical host Windows XP.If you are looking to make Windows 2008 R2 failover cluster by FreeNAS iSCSI disks, then I suggest to read HELP! Since I do not know much about BSD, this is pure speculation: I think the geom "subsystem" which cares about softraid prevents changes to the disk structure if it finds information I ran the risky: # destroy ALL DATA on disk /dev/ada2 sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=0x10 dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada2 bs=1m # now reboot!

This should not be necessary, is dangerous and i hope no one ever needs to do this. I had now ... 2016-10-15 21:13:08 [[email protected] (rbendorf)] 13342 Transmission plugin not visible in GUI Transmission plugin does not appear in the GUI. I succeeded after reboot. When I try to import I get the following: [[email protected]] ~# zpool import pool: vol4disks8tb id: 12210439070254239230 state: FAULTED status: The pool was last accessed by another system.

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