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Free Pascal Runtime Error Codes


Abstract methods should be overridden, and the overriding method should be called. 212 Stream registration error This occurs when an invalid type is registered in the objects unit. 213 Collection index If this happens, error 255 is returned instead. Since Pascal is case independent, you can specify the names of units in the uses clause in either case. It will then put together all the object files of the units into one library, static or dynamic, depending on the presence of the -s option. Source

Specify the 'build' option (-B) when compiling Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. On LINUX, ppumove will prepend this name with lib if it isn't already there, and will add an extension appropriate to the type of library. -q: Causes ppumove to operate silently. Trying to create a new file, or directory while a file or directory of the same name already exists. This occurs right after the start of the program.- error occurs only on: i) old 286 IBM AT and ii) Pentium I (90 MHz) computer- earlier versions of same program ran

Pascal Exit Code 201

It should look something like this : SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\PP\BIN (Again, assuming that you installed in the default location). There you will find all example sources. 7.1.4 ppumove program ppumove is a program to make shared or static libraries from multiple units. If you compiled a program, you can delete the object file (.o), but not if you compiled a unit.

If it is set, the directory specified in the environment variable. This if for LINUX only. If you want to use the graphic drivers you must modify the environment variable GO32. Pascal Runtime Error 216 C.8 Command-line handling errors C.9 Assembler reader errors.

This can be done essentially in two distinct ways: Using command-line options. Runtime Error 2 Pascal You will notice that the size of the executable increases substantially because of this8.1. Otherwise it is supposed to be a short strings (TP style). -Si Support C++ style INLINE. -Sm Support C-style macros. -So Try to be Borland TP 7.0 compatible (no function overloading Arch Linux HomePackagesForumsWikiBugsAURDownload Index Rules Search Register Login You are not logged in.

Under version 1 of the DOS extender, additional processing is required. Runtime Error 103 Pascal freepascal share|improve this question edited Mar 27 '14 at 13:56 Avo Muromägi 1,1401818 asked Mar 23 '14 at 9:56 user3451847 11 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up Also, unit names that are longer than 8 characters will first be looked for with their full length. Other than that, Free Pascal should run on almost any I386 LINUX system. 2.2 Installing the compiler.

Runtime Error 2 Pascal

Compiling problems 4.1 General problems 4.2 Problems you may encounter under DOS 5. because of this feature, you must keep the original names when downloading, since the script expects this. Pascal Exit Code 201 crt This unit provides basic screen handling routines. Pascal Error Codes Here, xxx is a combination of the following letters: h: show header info.

Why does argv include the program name? http://blogeurope.net/runtime-error/free-pascal-runtime-error-215.php Example : #IFDEF VER0_99_5 -Up/usr/lib/fpc/0.99.5/linuxunits #ENDIF In the above example, /usr/lib/fpc/0.99.5/linuxunits will be added to the path if you're compiling with version 0.99.5 of the compiler. 5.2.2 #IFNDEF Syntax: #IFNDEF name objects This unit provides basic routines for handling objects. C.3 Parser messages C.4 Type checking errors C.5 Symbol handling C.6 Code generator messages C.7 Unit loading messages. Runtime Error 106 Pascal

The 'overlay' unit is not available. SP : Returns the compiler processor. i: show interface information. have a peek here Remember that the compiler looks for units only in the current directory, and in the directory where the compiler itself is.

This unfriendly behavior can be switched off by setting the GO32 environment variable. 3. Pascal Exit Code 106 which comes with the compiler: AOUT2EXE PROG and you get a DOS executable which loads the GO32.EXE automatically. Utilities and units that come with Free Pascal 7.1 Supplied programs 7.1.1 ppudump program 7.1.2 Demo programs 7.1.3 Documentation Example programs 7.1.4 ppumove program 7.1.5 ptop - Pascal source beautifier 7.2

And, unlike these ancestors, it supports multiple platforms.

This document describes the compiler as it is/functions at the time of writing. The options can be used to change the verbosity of the display. Keywords are the built-in valid Pascal structure-identifiers like BEGIN, END, CASE, IF, THEN, ELSE, IMPLEMENTATION. Types Of Errors In Pascal Programming Tab characters are not used in the program.

This chapter describes shortly how to use this feature. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed prints until terminators occur. (terminators are hard-coded in pptop, still needs changing) inbytab indent by tab. Check This Out Default the compiler ahs built-in messages.

Coprocessor missing If the compiler writes a message that there is no coprocessor, install the coprocessor emulation. This may speed up the compiler on OS/2 and LINUX. If the unit is not found with this name, the name will be truncated to 8 characters, and the compiler will look again in the same directories, but with the truncated Toggle navigation About Developers Updates searchcode server × Search your own private repositories?

You must run this program to install the compiler.