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Google Earth's oceanic maps now match those used by researchers, which makes them much more useful as a scientific tool. (Read more about the changes here) The new data was collected Insufficient Virtual Memory Another problem that we always experience is connected to the RAM space of our PC. The image went on to spark conspiracy theories that the mythical city of Atlantis had been discovered. According to a video posted on YouTube, the five locations of major improvement include the Rosemary Bank seamount off the west coast of Ireland; an area south of Cypress, where the my review here

According to Plato, Atlantis was a sea power located "in front of the Pillars of Hercules." It conquered much of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, EDITION US عربي (Arabi) Australia Brasil Canada Deutschland España France Ελλάδα (Greece) India Italia 日本 (Japan) 한국 (Korea) Maghreb México United Kingdom United States INFORM • INSPIRE • ENTERTAIN • EMPOWER Stephanie hails from East Tennessee, the global center for salamander diversity. This week, Google updated the application with new seafloor data from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) http://www.livescience.com/18308-google-earth-update-erases-atlantis.html

Lines In The Ocean On Google Earth

You should also get a good anti-virus suite as this error may often be caused by virus. According to the Google Lat Long Blog, after the changes, 15 percent of the ocean floor (up from 10 percent) is now visible at a resolution of 1km. She covers the world of human and animal behavior, as well as paleontology and other science topics. Google Ocean was updated to celebrate the three-year anniversary of Google Earth. © 2012 CBS Interactive Inc.

One solution is buying additional RAM chips to boost RAM space. Credit: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Google Earth In fact, the grid was merely caused by overlapping datasets, according to NOAA. The image, which was discovered in 2009, was especially compelling for Atlantiophiles, because it was located in one of the areas where the ancient city was thought to have been built, Why Does The Ocean Look Bumpy On Google Maps Two oceanography experts who wrote a post for Google's official blog pointed out that if the grid did in fact depict Atlantis, some of the city blocks would have been eight

The new imagery, according to Daily Mail, was obtained by "spacecraft measurements of bumps and dips in the ocean surface." According to Fox News, the "program now has 15 percent of Sometimes the RAM space is not enough since we like to install new applications that need a huge memory. A simple fix for this is to restart the PC, unplug any devices connected to it and uninstall the newest software installed and rebooting it while the computer is on its Learn more 8.29 M 7.9 M 448 K Podcast Add us on Snapchat Google Earth's 'Atlantis' Disappears After Upgrade NEW!

Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor on Science Newsletter: Subscribe Submit Follow Us HomeAbout Us Company Company Info About Us Contact Us Advertise with Us Using Our Content Licensing & Reprints Terms Atlantis Google Maps Coordinates When in 2009, Google Earth users noticed a large gridlike pattern in Google Ocean's bathymetry imagery of the seafloor that looked like the layout of a great underwater city, rumors spread Eagle-eyed Google Ocean explorers spotted a large grid on the seafloor that looked strikingly like the streets of a well-organized small town. Previous versions took only 10 percent of seafloor imaging from sonar soundings and the rest from extrapolations by scientists using satellite data." Google created the new bathymetry update in collaboration

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In order to trouble shoot your computer effectively, you must find out the main problem first. https://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/atlantis-no-it-atlant-isnt.html Immediately, "Atlantis" rumors started flying. [Fact or Fantasy? 20 Imaginary Worlds] The updated version of Google Ocean corrects the gridlike structure (left) that were once thought to be evidence of the Lines In The Ocean On Google Earth Google Maps finds some pretty weird things too. Lines On Ocean Surface Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Log In news tech & science social media business entertainment life sports Google Earth update removes 'Atlantis' grid pattern Listen |

UCSD undergraduate students spent the past three years identifying and correcting the blunders as well as adding all the multibeam echosounder data archived at the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, this page Simple computer procedures such as ESC and Ctrl + Alt + Del will not help to get rid of this error. Trouble shooting Google Earth Atlantis Error requires the same procedure. The change -- and disappearance of "Atlantis" -- is part of joint effort by Google, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the U.S. 31º15'15" N, 24º 15' 30"

A great example of that is Guam,...the deepest trench in the world. Missing DLL Files When there is a program attempting to be run and suddenly stopped, there might be a missing file causing this Google Earth Atlantis Error. On the other hand, if it is a system file, you can get a copy of it from the web. http://blogeurope.net/google-earth/google-earth-error.php Doing so will assist you contain the damage.

During this process searching for the major cause, you will finally realize that there are quite number of reasons why such error occurs. Google Ocean View Part of HuffPost • HPMG News Log in / Registerr/conspiracyGoogle Lies About Atlantis - (Google Earth update erases undersea Atlantis "error")u/BondedLiberty1715d, 2hyoutube04BestPost is archived Email Password Remember meForgotpassword? Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of South Carolina and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

When Google uses lots of these surveys together, they sometimes overlap, creating strange gridlike patterns.

Featured in SciTech 25 years of breathtaking Hubble Telescope images Since it was launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has sent us breathtaking images back from the deepest corners of See what the "Atlantis" location actually looks like here. CONVERSATIONS Advertise RSS Careers FAQ User Agreement Privacy Comment Policy About Us About Our Ads Contact Us Archive Copyright © 2016 TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc. "The Huffington Post" is a registered trademark Bathymetry According to a quote from Scripps geophysicist David Sandwell, which was posted on the Scripps website, part of the work was done by college students.

The pattern had sparked rumors that the legendary underwater city of Atlantis had been discovered. When several of the data generated are compiled they may overlap, creating the gridlike patterns people mistook for Atlantis. More Resource: Google Earth update erases undersea grid mistaken for "Atlantis … - http://www.cbsnews.com/news/google-earth-update-erases-undersea-grid-mistaken-for-atlantis/ Skeptophilia: The Google Earth Atlantis conspiracy - http://skeptophilia.blogspot.com/2012/02/google-earth-atlantis-conspiracy.html Google Earth's 'Atlantis' Disappears After Upgrade - Huffington Post useful reference Google Earth Atlantis Error are completely normal to happen in your computer.

Another noteworthy change is that 'Atlantis' is now gone. She has ducked under a glacier in Switzerland and poked hot lava with a stick in Hawaii. The major goal of the update was clean up mistakes in the oceanic topography images and make them more accurate.