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You can see these rules if you go to the Database tab of the Firebase console and then click Rules. You can check the types of fields of a given service at https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/reference/{version}/{service}, where {version} is an API version, e.g., v201605, and {service} is the service name, e.g., CampaignService. MISSING_PREDICATE_VALUES SummaryThe Common causesN/A Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsCheck if the account is participating in Google Grants for AdWords. Use predicates to limit the number of returned items. get redirected here

Apply for standard access (if you currently have basic) or wait until the following day. Prevention tipsN/A CampaignFeedError CANNOT_ADD_ALREADY_EXISTING_CAMPAIGN_FEED SummaryCampaign feed already exists and thus the new feed cannot be added. Common causes Attempting to modify a campaign that was created using the AdWords Express. ReportInfoError INVALID_USER_ID_IN_HEADER SummaryThe client is using an invalid user or effective user ID in the header.

Google Drive Needs To Quit Error

For details, see our Site Policies. Recommended handling tipsWait for about 30 minutes, then retry the request. Common causesYou've tried to upload conversions for a different customer that your account does not manage. BiddingError BID_TOO_HIGH_FOR_DAILY_BUDGET SummaryThe bid on a keyword or ad group is higher than the daily budget of the campaign.

Recommended handling tips Wait for about 30 seconds, then retry the request. If so, restrict CPC bids to the maximum prescribed by the program. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsAlways keep tracks of the statuses of your entities and confirm their statuses before making changes. An Unknown Issue Occurred And Google Drive Needs To Quit Error D41d Are the correct/same events deleted as in your old calendar?Sync CalenGoo.

Check if everything is correctly displayed afterward.If that doesn’t help, it may be the mentioned error in Google Calendar. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tips Make sure you've passed the correct access token associated with your account. Reload to refresh your session. Usually the problem causes CalenGoo to display events of a recurring event that should already have been deleted.

You should get a ZIP file that contains one ICS file for each of your calendars.Unzip the ZIP file. Sorry Google Drive Needs To Quit An Unknown Issue Occurred And Google Drive Needs To Quit Error None Common causesSpecifying too broad of a date range Recommended handling tips Narrow the date range and retry the request. Error: database disk image is malformed"Users are currently seeing an error while attempting to sync that reads "An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit. Ensure that the headers of the request are in the namespace https://adwords.google.com/api/adwords/cm/{version}, where {version} is replaced with the version of the API being used. MONTHLY_BUDGET_REACHED SummaryThe API monthly budget limit has

Google Drive Needs To Quit Error None

Common causesTrying to access an account that was just created with ManagedCustomerService before the account is established in the backend. http://productforums.google.com/d/topic/chrome/ZyfRbG4GNGc Add this ExemptionRequest to the operation that caused the error, then retry the operation. Google Drive Needs To Quit Error Common causes Temporary resource related issues in the AdWords API server The API isn't functioning correctly due to a bug Recommended handling tips Wait for about 30 seconds, then retry the Sorry Google Drive Needs To Quit Error None Please try to export your calendar into a new calendar:Sign in to Google Calendar ( http://calendar.google.com ) using your computer.Click “Settings” (the gear icon in the upper right corner), “Calendar settings”,

Last updated September 23, 2016. Get More Info PolicyViolationError, AdPolicyError CriterionPolicyError SummaryAn ad or keyword you are adding violates an AdWords policy. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsCheck the conversion name before adding. int MAX_RETRIES The transaction had too many retries int NETWORK_ERROR The operation could not be performed due to a network error. An Unknown Issue Occurred And Google Drive Needs To Quit Error None

Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsClient customer ID is always composed of digits with no alphabets or other punctuations except "-", and is in the form 123-456-7890. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsOnce an ad is created, it cannot be modified. Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsEnsure that all specified field names are available for the report type you are using. http://blogeurope.net/google-drive/google-desktop-enterprise-error-database.php Validate the keyword text in your application before making a request to the API.

Common causesYou've specified a wrong predicate value, such as using a string as a predicate for a field that is of integer type. Google Drive Needs To Quit Windows 10 Common causes Attempting to create an account via ManagedCustomerService.mutate under a non-manager account. If you still need help, you can contact the API compliance team for assistance in getting your token approved.

Consult this page for all available report fields.

See the Manager-Client relationships section of the Budget Order Service guide for more information. You should use Firebase Authentication to log in on your client. Visit our support page. Google Drive Needs To Quit Windows 7 Recommended handling tipsN/A Prevention tipsValidate the length of the line before making the request.

The access token has been invalidated. RangeError TOO_LOW SummaryA value was lower than the minimum allowed. Common causesThe credit card used to pay for API charges has expired. this page Constant Summary int DATA_STALE Internal use int DISCONNECTED The operation had to be aborted due to a network disconnect int EXPIRED_TOKEN The supplied auth token has expired int INVALID_TOKEN The specified

Project Member Comment 6 by [email protected], Aug 17 Processing Labels: Priority-3 ► Sign in to add a comment About Monorail Feedback on Monorail Terms Privacy Reports can only be obtained for advertiser (non-manager) accounts. This problem seems to affect only single calendars. Recommended handling tipsTry again after a day or so.

It's sometimes confused with refresh tokens and authorization codes.