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Drive Details Key A: Path A: Desc Type Floppy Key C: Path C: Desc [-VPSGHBOOT-] Type Disk Disk 0 Offset 2200905 Lists all the storage devices that Ghost can use as Total number of sectors: MB: Capacity in Megabytes, calculated from the total number of sectors. The PC automatically accesses the a: drive Floppy and I end up with with the DOS prompt A: 5. If you suspect a problem may be caused by the disk access method that Ghost uses, run Ghost with a switch that disables the active access method. http://blogeurope.net/ghost-error/ghost-error-cannot-open-ghosterr-txt.php

Drive indicates which drive number is the source drive Sectors used is the amount of partitioned space on the drive. Posted: Feb 19, 2007 12:54 PM Feb 19, 2007 12:54 PM Gary Reed Reply Which version of Norton Ghost did you hear this about? If that directory is read-only, use the -AFILE switch to change the location that Ghost saves the error file to. If this is your first visit please read our Announcements section to familiarise yourself with our guidelines Home Help Login Register Support PCs » Software & Hardware » Software » Solved: http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/output-error-file-following-location-aghosterrtxt

We can never get at the root of the problem. Which methods are not available that might have helped had they been available. MySymantec Create and manage cases, manage licensing and renewals, submit threats, and enroll with Symantec Rewards. Type the word Ghost again, hit return, and the Ghost Program initiates.7.

The Ghost Diagnostic Error File is very similar to the Ghost Diagnostic File, GhstStat.txt. For instance, PROG_LOCAL indicates that Ghost was running in a peer-to-peer (LPT, NetBIOS, or TCP/IP) configuration. Number of heads: 0 indicates unknown. Having only 9GB left I've deleted some junk and got my Free Space up to 23.5GB.

and then relaunch ghost from the command prompt and use the -afile= switch to write the error to a specific drive and file name. Error Message Message: Operation aborted at user request This is the text that accompanies the error number. Don't have a SymAccount? find this It looks like a NT fragmentation problem.

This information is useful when the problem always happens on the same file or type of file, or when the file is unusual in some way, such as a very large GHOST -FNX -FNI Will disable Extended Int13h and Direct IDE methods from being used by Ghost for drive geometry detection. It represents the position in the image file that Ghost was at while writing the image information to memory or to a disk or partition. I assume Ghost is using the latest Live Updates?

Target Drive Info Disk Info : remote.............0 drive..............0 sectors_used.......0 estimated_used.....0 pemax..............0 Version............0 Zero entries indicate that the target is an image file. http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/output-error-following-location-aghosterrtxt Symantec Ghost 7.0 and 7.5 display the methods IDE using PIO and IDE using UDMA instead of IDE. When the BIOS does not support Extended Int13h and the computer is running in Windows 95/98, Windows supplies the Extended 13h functionality as long as the computer is not running in Logged Freelance IT Journalist/Tech Reed Member Posts: 153 Re: Ghost 2003 Error Message « Reply #12 on: February 24, 2007, 02:43:14 PM » Hi Caroline:Have you tried the suggestion from Symantec?Answer:

Description of the Ghosterr.txt file The following table describes the information that is in the Diagnostic Error File. http://blogeurope.net/ghost-error/ghost-error-53.php primary or logical drives) Version indicates what version of Ghost was used to create the source. IRQ Status Keyboard IRQ Status: Not in IRQ Mouse IRQ Status: Not in IRQ(0) Indicates whether the error occurred when processing keyboard or mouse interrupts. Operation Statistics Operation Details : Total size.........1230 MB copied..........6 MB remaining.......1224 Percent complete...0% Speed..............360MB/min Time elapsed.......0:01 Time remaining.....3:00 This field provides data on the performance of the Ghost operation.

Position in the dump file DumpPos: 3464263 This indicates when the error occurred. It is useful to Ghost developers and technical support. The information in this field may be different when you load different drivers or change which cloning operation you will perform. click site This information may be useful for diagnostic purposes if there is a large deviation from the norm.

If so, can you open it please and copy & paste its contents. Consider saving the file on a usb drive or on a network share. Note that when you load a driver that is unstable, the storage devices that the driver handles might not be listed here.

Int13h can only access the first 8 GB of a disk, and will never report a drive as being larger than 8 GB.

This field is present for most Ghost cloning operations that run Ghost from the DOS command prompt to create an image file. IDE access is not used when running under Windows. If the displayed disk size for an active disk access method is significantly different from the actual disk size, then that disk access method might be at fault. To force Ghost to use ASPI access, use the -FFS switch.

logo-symantec-dark-source Loading Your Community Experience Symantec Connect You will need to enable Javascript in your browser to access this site. © 2016 logo-symantec-dark-source Loading Your Community Experience Symantec Connect You will Symantec Connect User-to-user forums, blogs, videos, and other community resources on Symantec Connect. Source Partition Info # Ord Boot Id Ext First Num Last Used NTFS 0 0 80 b No 00000063 05249601 05249664 01478019 No 1 1 0 0 Yes 05249664 00000000 05249664 http://blogeurope.net/ghost-error/ghost-error-470.php IDE The IDE access method accesses IDE drives by communicating directly with the IDE controller.

This may suggest an action, such as loading an ASPI driver or ensuring that you are running Ghost under DOS instead of in Windows. It is important to check this field, because many bugs have been fixed in later versions. Logged Caroline Lyons Administrator Member Posts: 1411 Re: Ghost 2003 Error Message « Reply #8 on: February 22, 2007, 12:42:53 AM » You type the switch into a command line. If the displayed disk size is zero, that disk access method is not available.