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Issue #28003: Implement PEP 525 - Asynchronous Generators. Issue #15819: Remove redundant include search directory option for building outside the source tree. Fix a crash when a generator is created in a C thread that is destroyed while the generator is still used. Based on patches by Brian Brazil and Daniel Rocco. - Issue #25945: Fixed a crash when unpickle the functools.partial object with wrong state. More about the author

Issue #27620: Escape key now closes Query box as cancelled. Initial patch by Jelle Zijlstra. Protected members may safely be extended via a subclass. Patch by Kevin Conway. http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/ghostcode-19932-failed-connect-ghostcast-server

Issue #27419: Standard __import__() no longer look up "__import__" in globals or builtins for importing submodules or "from import". Issue #1621: Avoid signed int negation overflow in the "audioop" module. Issue #26081: Added C implementation of asyncio.Future. Based on patches by Jaakko Moisio and Victor Stinner. - Issue #14432: Generator now clears the borrowed reference to the thread state.

The backported files replace the old project files in PCbuild; the old files moved to PC/VS9.0 and remain supported. - Issue #24603: Update Windows builds and OS X 10.5 installer to Patch by ingrid, Gregory Loyse and Jelle Zijlstra. - Issue #25940: Changed test_ssl to use self-signed.pythontest.net. About Us Contact us Privacy Policy Terms of use Docs Help Contents Terms, Icons, and Labels Access Levels Member Types Member Syntax Member Flags Class Icons Member Icons Navigation and Features Rename the config directory (LIBPL) from config-$(LDVERSION) to config-$(LDVERSION)-$(PLATFORM_TRIPLET).

Also, require that expressions inside f-strings be enclosed within literal braces, and not escapes like f'x7b"hi"x7d'. For Mac OSX, make them a 'sheet'. Patch by Xavier de Gaye. - Issue #22812: Fix unittest discovery examples. Patch by Anish Shah.

The custom theme will work with any IDLE release, and can be modified. - Issue #25224: README.txt is now an idlelib index for IDLE developers and curious users. The Windows launcher py.exe no longer prefers an installed Python 2 version over Python 3 by default when used interactively. Original patch by Claudiu Popa. - Issue #19925: Added tests for the spwd module. This also fixes a bug in HTTP header parsing.

Issue #27239: idlelib.macosx.isXyzTk functions initialize as needed. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-ghost-15-error-codes The alias/xtype is listed next to the class name of applicable classes for quick reference. Python 3.6.0 beta 2¶ Release date: 2016-10-10 Core and Builtins¶ Issue #28183: Optimize and cleanup dict iteration. Backport the code example from 3.4. - Issue #21514: The documentation of the json module now refers to new JSON RFC 7159 instead of obsoleted RFC 4627.

Urgent Customer Issues If you are experiencing an issue that needs urgent assistance please visit our customer support area: Chat with Norton Support @NortonSupport on Twitter Who's online There are currently my review here Patch by Mark Roseman. - Issue #22726: Re-activate the config dialog help button with some content about the other buttons and the new IDLE Dark theme. - Issue #24820: IDLE now Issue #25283: Attributes tm_gmtoff and tm_zone are now available on all platforms in the return values of time.localtime() and time.gmtime(). Patch by Jason Fried.

Statements should not be reset after a commit. Issue #26983: float() now always return an instance of exact float. Patch by Jyrki Pulliainen and Daniel Eriksson. - Issue #21580: Now Tkinter correctly handles binary "data" and "maskdata" configure options of tkinter.PhotoImage. - Issue #19612: subprocess.communicate() now also ignores EINVAL when http://blogeurope.net/ghost-error/ghost-error-code-25003.php Patch by Xiang Zhang.

Required - Required config when instantiating a class Bindable - The config has a setter which allows this config to be set via ViewModel binding Read Only - The property may Issue #27122: When an exception is raised within the context being managed by a contextlib.ExitStack() and one of the exit stack generators catches and raises it in a chain, do not Methods itermonthdays() and itermonthdays2() are reimplemented so that they don't call itermonthdates() which can cause datetime.date under/overflow.

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The bug had no actual impact as subprocess.py already avoided it. Issue #19500: Add client-side SSL session resumption to the ssl module. Tests ----- - Issue #24751: When running regrtest with the ``-w`` command line option, a test run is no longer marked as a failure if all tests succeed when re-run. - Issue #24759: IDLE requires tk 8.5 and availability ttk widgets.

Issue 27331: The email.mime classes now all accept an optional policy keyword. Original patch by Saimadhav Heblikar. Fixed all os.path implementations on unicode-disabled builds. - Issue #23367: Fix possible overflows in the unicodedata module. - Issue #23363: Fix possible overflow in itertools.permutations. - Issue #23364: Fix possible overflow navigate to this website Issue #27656: Do not assume sched.h defines any SCHED_* constants.

It will boots up. Issue #25758: Prevents zipimport from unnecessarily encoding a filename (patch by Eryk Sun) Issue #25856: The __module__ attribute of extension classes and functions now is interned. C API¶ Issue #27186: Add the PyOS_FSPath() function (part of PEP 519). Issue #17941: Add a module parameter to collections.namedtuple().

Issue #28071: Add early-out for differencing from an empty set. The crash occurs when a trace function is setup. - Issue #19932: Fix typo in import.h, missing whitespaces in function prototypes. - Issue #19638: Fix possible crash / undefined behaviour from Issue #27932: Prevent memory leak in win32_ver(). Changes are written to HOME/.idlerc/config-extensions.cfg.

IDLE ---- - Issue #5124: Paste with text selected now replaces the selection on X11. Issue #26823: traceback.StackSummary.format now abbreviates large sections of repeated lines as "[Previous line repeated {count} more times]" (this change then further affects other traceback display operations in the module). Build¶ Issue #27713: Suppress spurious build warnings when updating importlib's bootstrap files. Issue #28253: Fixed calendar functions for extreme months: 0001-01 and 9999-12.

Library¶ Comment out socket (SO_REUSEPORT) and posix (O_SHLOCK, O_EXLOCK) constants exposed on the API which are not implemented on GNU/Hurd. Issue #27812: Properly clear out a generator's frame's backreference to the generator to prevent crashes in frame.clear(). Includes code from Jelle Zijlstra. When a file is run, put its name in the restart bar.

Its dedicated viewer has be replaced by the html viewer in help.py. 2. import idlever; I = idlever.IDLE_VERSION is the same as import sys; This matches how paste works on Windows, Mac, most modern Linux apps, and ttk widgets. Patch by Roger Serwy. - Issue #21695: Closing a Find-in-files output window while the search is still in progress no longer closes Idle. - Issue #18910: Add unittest for textView. Add tests and delete the two files combined into the new one.