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Gentoo Error Running Sbin Depscan

But there are still slight differences that cause me headaches here and there. emerge --search {KEYWORD}Search for software. I don't believe I updated anything sensitive. Advertise Media Kit Contact How To Wiki is a Fandom Lifestyle Community. check my blog

Plus it seems there is such a LONG lag before > things are marked as stable. Well, of course I do run that script and it does absolutely nothing. s:- a? Taking a break from Windows Update [Security] by camper259. https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-184656-start-0.html

All rights reserved. The LiveCD is a genkernel, and even when you chroot, you're still working off that genkernal. Samsung stops Note 7 production users should turn off phone [Google] by SparkChaser436. Chek Richard Fish's advice.

This comes in handy if a package in the update list is failing to compile as this command skips it and continues with the subsequent packages. Couldn't reach the net to save my life until I stopped trying to configure the kernal accurately and instead went with what made linux happy. Run /sbin/depscan.sh In reply to this post by Bugzilla from [email protected] On 4/10/06, Richard Fish <[hidden email]> wrote: > On 4/10/06, Daevid Vincent <[hidden email]> wrote: > > *sigh* > > So I wondered if something might be wrong with one of the paths it points to, but I didn't really have much luck following that up (/etc/init.d at least didn't look

to see what the help screen for that options says. Disabling... Run /sbin/depscan.sh In reply to this post by Daevid Vincent On 4/10/06, Daevid Vincent <[hidden email]> wrote: > *sigh* > > Why is there always something breaking? http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r20532386-Gentoo-depscan-sh-problem Microsoft is the Devil ... [Microsoft] by NormanS502.

well lets say that if it wasn't its very broken but ...it probably is). I've stopped the update process with ctrl-c in order to turn the PC off. Everything seemed to be going fine. If you did make menuconfig, then the difference between what you set in your kernel and what genkernal/hotplug found when booting the LiveCD is where your problem is.

Edit: I looked at /etc/fstab everything looks fine. https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/112211-gentoo-service-dependancy-problem/ The time now is 03:48 AM. When I manually create /var/lib/init.d/depcache (as just a blankfile) it dissappears when running depscan.sh again and I still get thesame message!How can I correct my service dependencies properly?I'm using baselayout-1.9.4r2.Michael.It looks Do you?

Games Movies TV Overclockers Forums > Software > Alternative Operating Systems > error; booting gentoo PDA View Full Version : error; booting gentoo fiji09-07-04, 08:57 PMi just installed gentoo on my click site But this script is generated by the /bin/gawkinvocation so the second message tells you that /var/lib/init.d/depcachedoes not exist...what is normal.--gentoo-***@gentoo.org mailing list Michael Wever 2004-06-11 08:00:08 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by I didn't even know this file/directory existed till now. *I* certainly didn't do anything to wipe it out. Unfortunately, it's package manager falls short in many areas, most notably very poor dependency handling.Thus I'm rather unhappy with either of them, especially as our servers are running Gentoo Linux and

If it is wireless, you can use iwconfig to manually set the essid and any necessary encryption. No output. If I put it there to replace the 0 length one, what will be the fall-out? -- [hidden email] mailing list Bugzilla from [email protected] Reply | Threaded Open this post in news At this point emerge should work.

emerge --ask --update --deep --newuse worldUpdate all installed software. Fandom Skip to Content Skip to Wiki Navigation Skip to Site Navigation Games Movies TV Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Fandom University My Account Sign In Don't have an account? Run /sbin/depscan.sh On 4/10/06, Daevid Vincent <[hidden email]> wrote: > Ah.

I was happily/frustratingly trying to figure out why X7 doesn't work with my 'nvidia' driver.

Of course. This you have the power to revoke." MarcusAurelius
--- Harry's Practice -----gentoo-***@gentoo.org mailing list Pascal Grange 2004-06-10 12:50:11 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by Michael WeverPost by Tom WesleyIt looks like I'm suspecting I got missing files somewherebut cannot verify this...----
"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself,but to your estimate of it. What does emerge -pv gawk give you?

so i compiled a new kernel (2.4) and the new kernel works , and the system boots up fine , etc but i really want to use the 2.6 kernel.. Dependencies are treated. Like the mm source you were using is from a project that is really bleeding edge programming. More about the author Well I think ~x86 is generally usable, but you do have to be a bit more cautious.

When I first > installed gentoo, I read a lot of debates on the list and most people said > that ~x86 was fairly "stable". I'ld try remerging baselayout. This procedure is suitable if short service downtime is important. It > tries to read /var/lib/init.d/deptree, and looks for a specific > variable to be set that indicates the dependacy information was read. > > Does /var/lib/init.d/deptree exist on your system?

I've also found that doing these upgrades during the week-days, it's easier to get someone to respond on the list. install the package from source manually with ./configure --prefix=/usr, if the package still will not install, add the packages exact name to /etc/portage/profile/package.provided, and this will tell emerge that that package The project is called Gentoo Prefix and aims at bootstrapping Gentoo Linux in any subdirectory you choose. Thank you for your feedback.

I can't remember what was it exactly. I'll second this one... emerge --ask --resumeResume the last install where it unexpectedly terminated, for instance due to a network outage between the server and the terminal. Yes.

with 2.6 all kernel configs are compatible? gawk: /lib/rcscripts/awk/gendepends.awk:506: fatal error: expression for redirection ">>" has a 0 lenght string * Failed to cache service dependencies The one but last line is displayed in Polish so what you Run /sbin/depscan.sh *sigh* Why is there always something breaking? Dependencies are treated.