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Use the numeric version. –Dietrich Epp May 15 '15 at 8:20 @DietrichEpp I have a similar error in my build, albeit for system call swapcontext, please do kindly look I have a question about the duplicate .Lfdx labels at the beginning of the functions. Guangyu Log in to reply. As LXR shows (http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/ident?i=PRStack), inside the Mozilla clients, PRStack is only used internally by NSPR to implement the PRFileDesc freelist.

In return for using our top quality software and services for free, we request you play fair and do your bit to help others too! Any and all data, files, source code, html content and documentation included in the FreeRTOSTM distribution or available on this site are the exclusive property of Real Time Engineers Ltd.. I have no idea why it loads 0. > And the sync before the stwcx.? I'm going to mark this bug as fixed in NSPR 4.7.

References to %0 should be %3 when "w" is being used, it makes the intent clearer. + : "cc", "memory","r6"); This doesn't clobber memory. hi all, In the Chapter 11 of "CBE programming handbook". I'm minusing it because it doesn't work with "as" on Mac OS X. Comment 37 kevdig 2006-01-04 15:34:02 PST (In reply to comment #35) > I have asked a few people at IBM to review this patch and hope to have some > comments

Where are sudo's insults stored? Unfortunately the demo is very old, and as such the tools have changed a lot since the documentation was created.Regards. [ Back to the top ] [ About FreeRTOS ] gas 2.19 supports the following symbolic register names for PPC (from binutils-2.19/gas/config/tc-ppc.c): /* List of registers that are pre-defined: Each general register has predefined names of the form: 1. It (or the assembler) creates an unsupported relocation type when you branch to a location that is also a public entry point.

Ideally you should open two new bugs against the following products/components: - Directory: LDAP C SDK (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Directory) - Core: JavaScript Engine (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Core) and attach the remaining changes of your patch (attachment Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. It seems the code does not work. Isn't that part of the > PPC arch definition?

When it's used to store w, use %3. > I have read through some of the errata for a few PPC processors. Reassigning. (in reply to: ↑2 ) 04/11/07 00:30:14 changed by Carlos Replying to Gregor: Could you unset LANG and resubmit (that is, submit an English version)? So tomorrow I'll look at using the Mac assembler syntax along with -mregnames and see if it will build. Multiple *unrelated* fixes is the key part.

Now, we've got OSAtomicCompareAndSwap32, which just branches to __compare_and_swap32. https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?format=multiple&id=8944 v which has the value . 2. Considering how most IBM docs I've seen leave the "r" out, I'd say that OS X is the exception. Probably means you haven't included the file with the #defines for these SPR values. > /kernel-> powerpc-linux-gnuspe-gcc -m32 -Wp,-MD,arch/ppc/kernel/.entry.o.d > -nostdinc -isystem > /opt/mtwk/usr/local/gcc-3_4-e500-glibc-2.3.4-dp/powerpc-linux-gnuspe/lib/gcc/powerpc-linux-gnuspe/3.4.3/include > -D__KERNEL__ -Iinclude -Iarch/ppc -D__ASSEMBLY__ -Iarch/ppc -Wa,-me500

This program has absolutely no warranty. I think you should be able to compile both the C code and assembly code together by doing something like "gcc hcall_ex.s ex.c -o ex" (ie. How? Does your > bug process allow you to select parts of submitted patches?

kevin Comment 66 Wan-Teh Chang 2014-03-21 17:05:43 PDT I'm sorry that I didn't finish the 64-bit PowerPC part of this bug. linux/ppc config.guess (follow-up: ↓18 ) 04/15/07 21:24:31 changed by Carlos I've attached lib/compiler/gdc/config.guess 04/15/07 21:43:16 changed by larsivi priority changed from critical to major. Suitable for searching by a binary search. */ share|improve this answer edited Sep 15 '15 at 17:51 answered Sep 15 '15 at 17:29 Igor 11 add a comment| Your Answer It looks almost exactly like what we've got here, without sync or isync, and without killing the reservation at <+28>.

Each floating point register has predefined names of the form: 1. os_Linux_ppc.s will work on 64-bit, right? I used a PS3 with Linux installed.

I also like to see condition register fields identified as "cr." I believe both of these changes will be understood by PPC Linux' assembler, but I don't have a working PPC

Not the answer you're looking for? ok??? Is there any purpose for the #if 0 case in jslock.c? Depends on: Blocks: 432553 20357 296879 Show dependency tree /graph Reported: 2005-06-06 15:36 PDT by kevdig Modified: 2014-03-21 17:05 PDT (History) CC List: 8 users (show) brendan crowderbt gavin.sharp

Ok. Since kevdig > mentioned some errata for certain PowerPC processors in > comment 23, I suggested that someone knowledgeable on PowerPC > should review this patch. Regards, -- Bradley Remedios [email protected] Follow-Ups: Re: Difficulty in compiling(unsupported relocation against csrr0.) From: Alan Modra Index Nav: [DateIndex] [SubjectIndex] [AuthorIndex] [ThreadIndex] Message Nav: [DatePrev][DateNext] [ThreadPrev][ThreadNext] GCC Bugzilla – Full Text How should I interpret "English is poor" review when I used a language check service before submission?

Is this possible? Thanks. The processors are all upgradeable. Are they part of enable-tests?

As written, your ASM block may be optimized out! This GDB was configured as "ppc64-yellowdog-linux-gnu"...Using host libthread_db library "/lib64/libthread_db.so.1". (gdb) r Starting program: /home/kaie/nspr/obj64/pr/tests/atomic Reading symbols from shared object read from target memory...done. Why (in universe) are blade runners called blade runners? This is the accepted answer.

Tnanks for your time. The registers are say csrr0, csrr1, ccr0, dbcr0, etc... I have read through some of the errata for a few PPC processors. I've stuck it in the URL field of this bug.

gcc should be able to figure out what to do with the files based on their filename extension (.c or .s). Thanks. I'm gonna try to figure out what compile options are used on 64-bit ppc are and what they do. use both the C file and the assembly file when you call gcc).