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Ftp Get Error Code


ftp: 44 bytes sent in 0.19Seconds 0.24Kbytes/sec. A quote command returned error from the server. 22 HTTP not found. Sorry, I cannot provide you more detail about batch files and ftp because I do not have an accessible Windows system now. –whitequark Jan 21 '10 at 20:27 add a comment| My question is that, the upload operation can fail from time to time ( the remote ftp is not available, "myfile.zip" is non-existent, upload operation interrupted and whatnot), and when such navigate here

x2x Connections Replies referring to the control and data connections. FTP_SUCCESS_MSG="226 Transfer complete" if fgrep "$FTP_SUCCESS_MSG" $FTPLOG ;then echo "ftp OK" else echo "ftp Error: "$OUT fi exit 0 share|improve this answer answered Feb 4 '11 at 17:01 Ruchi 481211 Even if you deal with the return codes its hard to know exactly what went wrong. The REST command failed. 32 FTP couldn't use SIZE.

Ftp Error Codes

return code: 2 $ ./cftp.sh ftpserver 21 /mnt/disk4/d0/tes cftp.sh ; echo return code: $? share|improve this answer answered Feb 3 '11 at 6:56 Hartmut Jager 111 add a comment| Not the answer you're looking for? Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

In this case, the text is exact and not left to the particular implementation; it must read: MARK yyyy = mmmm where yyyy is User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server's In the United States is racial, ethnic, or national preference an acceptable hiring practice for departments or companies in some situations? The second digit is a grouping digit and encodes the following information: Range Purpose x0x Syntax These replies refer to syntax errors, syntactically correct commands that don't fit any functional category, Ftp Error 421 Service Not Available A new request may be initiated. 3xx Positive Intermediate reply The command has been accepted, but the requested action is being held in abeyance, pending receipt of further information.

Code 4 (Failure) Codes List References Code 4 (Failure) Note that not all servers use all codes. Ftp Error 426 The user should return to the beginning of the command sequence, if any. Couldn't continue an ear- lier aborted download. 37 FILE couldn't read file. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7158295/how-to-capture-the-ftp-error-code-in-batch-scripts WinSCP includes the server-side description in its error message, labeled "Error message from server".

ERRORLEVEL remains zero whether the script (-s: parameter) succeeds or fails. Ftp Error 500 Page type unknown. 552 Requested file action aborted. ftp: 44 bytes received in 0.00Seconds 44000.00Kbytes/sec. It is as below Code: Local directory now /dir1/dir2/dir3 No files found. 0 Successful transfer of the files...0 2014-06-24-12.19.19 If this is not what you were referring to as text, please

Ftp Error 426

share|improve this answer answered Jan 15 '15 at 11:20 Ian 1 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign navigate to these guys Try switching the connection port. 10066 Directory not empty. Ftp Error Codes The requested page was not found. Ftp Return Codes Mainframe The user should send another command specifying this information.

A function was called with a bad parameter. 44 Internal error. check over here here. The command opens a data connection to perform an action, but that action is canceled, and the data connection is closed. References Status response section of draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-13; SFTP specifications list in "History and development" section of SSH File Transfer Protocol. 1) Exception are codes 6 and 7 that intended to by used Sftp Return Codes

When to use "bon appetit"? EvenSt-ring C ode - g ol!f Create a wire coil Physically locating the server Chebyshev Rotation How do investigators always know the logged flight time of the pilots? Either one or both were not accepted by the server. 11 FTP weird PASS reply. his comment is here Ensure entered parameters are correct. 530 User not logged in.

Insufficient storage space in system.File unavailable (e.g., file busy). 500 Series Syntax error, command unrecognized and the requested action did not take place. Ftp 530 What sense of "hack" is involved in "five hacks for using coffee filters"? Verify your input; e.g., make sure there are no erroneous characters, spaces, etc. 502 Command not implemented.

Creating a directory that already exists.

Related 3FTP script won't transfer remote files to local computer2Bat file that copies files from a folder with changing name as YYYYMMDD1How to write a script to move files from one Every transaction gets one of the things. Browse other questions tagged windows ftp script batch or ask your own question. Ftp Command Codes How?

Numbers outside this list are proprietary to the Server or Client that you are using. The command opens a data connection on port 20 to perform an action, such as transferring a file. Where NAME is an official system name from the list in the Assigned Numbers document. 220 Service ready for new user. (Informational) 221 Service closing control connection. weblink Try our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).

Thanks! Browse other questions tagged ftp batch-file or ask your own question. Why (in universe) are blade runners called blade runners? x3x Authentication and accounting Replies for the login process and accounting procedures.

FTP uses two ports: 21 for sending commands, and 20 for sending data. A script built in this way can list a dir and loop over the files downloading the ones you want. All rights reserved.Privacy Policy Enter Email Address... Verify command sequence. 504 Command not implemented for that parameter.

Local error in processing. 452 Requested action not taken. This reply is used in command sequence groups. 4xx Transient Negative Completion reply The command was not accepted and the requested action did not take place, but the error condition is Change from PASV to PORT mode, check your firewall settings, or try to connect via HTTP. 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted. The administrator of the remote server must provide you with permission to connect via FTP. 552 Requested file action aborted.

Can a GM prohibit a player from referencing spells in the handbook during combat? My solution uses FINDSTR and a separate text file containing search criteria: Create a text file (FTP_ERR_SEARCH_CRITERIA.txt) containing the following text strings: not connected not found failed Call the following subroutine