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Ftp Error 214


Contact your local Cisco IOS for S/390 System Administrator if the problem persists. 530 Bad system security option Explanation A bad parameter list was passed to the external security system (ACF2, On how to use the server or the meaning of a particular non-standard command. Try changing from PASV to PORT mode. The file transfer halts abnormally before completion. 451 VTOC full Explanation The table of contents on the volume (VTOC) to which a file is to be written is full and can

A user-process that wants to know approximately what kind of error NWG/RFC# 640 JBP NJN 5-JUN-74 16:07 30843 Neigus FTP Reply Codes [4] occurred (e.g. Error 421 User limit reached Error 421 You are not authorized to make the connection Error 421 Max connections reached Error 421 Max connections exceeded Possible Solutions You can receive that Try again later. 451 Requested action aborted: local error in processing. The user ID was probably entered incorrectly. find more info

Ftp Code 226

The command opens a data connection on port 20 to perform an action, such as transferring a file. See also[edit] List of FTP commands List of HTTP status codes References[edit] ^ RFC 959 v t e Error messages System failure Bomb icon Fatal system error Guru Meditation Kernel panic Recommended Action Contact your local external security System Administrator. 530 Password is not authorized for this userid Explanation A signon was attempted with an invalid password. The most common cause for this error is that the limited disk space allocated for your individual FTP account is already in use.

Use DELE to delete 550 Partitioned dataset contains members 550 No matching datasets or members were found 550 MKD failed. DCBDSN data set dcbdsn_name is invalid for a PDS. If you believe that your FTP account privileges or permissions are configured incorrectly, contact the technical support department at the remote FTP site or your Web hosting company for help. 552 Ftp Error 500 Change from PASV to PORT mode, check your firewall settings, or try to connect via HTTP. 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.

The file transfer did not complete. Ftp Error 426 Below is a list of all known return codes that may be issued by an FTP server. Post navigation ← A Brief Explanation of Hexadecimal Numbers You Don't Know Me -- And I Have a Gun. → Comments Common FTP Error Codes -- No Comments Leave a Reply List of All Posts All Posts Sorted By Title All Posts Sorted By Date Administrivia Our Site Certificate Terms of Use Legal Disclaimers & Stuff About Eggleston Biography and Career Past

The Queue pane displays items ready for transfer, in transit, or just transferred. Sftp Error Codes HSM SVC is not supported by installation. user Indicates that user ID UID initiated the file transfer. Explanation A data set on a tape volume has been requested, but tape processing has been disallowed by the system administrator. 550 File not accessed.

Ftp Error 426

SYSIEWLP Used for load module data set. If possible, correct it and restart the data transfer. Ftp Code 226 Recommended Action Change the path name or enter data set mode. 502 Command not implemented Explanation The requested facility is not implemented on the host, and the command cannot be performed. Ftp Error 421 Service Not Available The user should update the password as shown. 530 Invalid new password, next time try: PASS current-password/new-password Explanation The user's new password is invalid.

Error 421 User limit reached Error 421 You are not authorized to make the connection Error 421 Max connections reached Error 421 Max connections exceeded This can be a reply to This listing forms the basis for the state diagrams, which will be presented separately. 13 ICP 13a 120 13a1 220 13a1a 220 13a2 421 13a3 NWG/RFC# 640 JBP NJN 5-JUN-74 16:07 These codes are used by most FTP servers/clients. the command is spelled the same with the same NWG/RFC# 640 JBP NJN 5-JUN-74 16:07 30843 Neigus FTP Reply Codes [5] arguments used; the user does not change his file access Ftp Return Codes Mainframe

Page type unknown. 552 Requested file action aborted. In directory mode, only the final qualifier can contain wildcard characters. The password was probably entered incorrectly. Transfer incomplete 426 Data transfer aborted 426 Data transfer aborted.

Recommended Action Verify HSM is supported by the host operating system or HSM uses SVC 109 (x'6D'). Ftp 530 those not processed by the FTP server) will NOT carry reply codes and may occur anywhere in the command-reply sequence. Explanation A SITE command was received to modify a parameter for tape, but tape processing has been disallowed by the system administrator. 502 Unimplemented MODE type C, command ignored Explanation Mode

Check your firewall settings.

It has exhausted the set of unique names. File name not allowed. This reply is useful only to the human user. 215 NAME system type. Ftp Response 421 Received. Server Closed Connection. Code Description 100 Codes The requested action is being taken.

Ready Explanation The file transfer aborts and FTP is ready for further user commands. 426 Data transfer timeout, aborted Explanation The DATAIDLE time specified for FTP expired before the last receive Explanation Indicates that one or more errors were detected in the SITE command. Recommended Action Retry the signon with a valid user ID/password combination. 530 User access has been revoked Explanation A signon attempt was rejected because your external security system (ACF2, RACF, or RENAME Rename a member. 450 function FUNCTION FAILED RETURN CODE = nn =QNAME = qname RNAME = dsname[_membername] LEN = lll function FAILED FOR oper PROCESSING Explanation The type of MVS

The command opens a data connection to perform an action, but that action is canceled, and the data connection is closed. File unavailable (For example, file not found, no access). 551 Requested action aborted. V ! ! ! +---+ RNTO +---+ 4,5 ----->+---+ ! !---------->! This is intended to allow a range of very simple to very sophisticated response by the user-process.

Rename the file using only alpha-numeric characters and no spaces. file busy) 11m5 451 Requested action aborted: local error in processing 11m6 452 Requested action not taken: insufficient storage space in system 11m7 552 Requested file action aborted: exceeded storage allocation The file transfer cannot continue. 553 Bad data set name syntax Explanation The file name specified is incorrect, or it violates the syntax or naming conventions defined by the remote host. The request is cancelled.

S ! ! ! 3 ! ! +---+ ! 2! -------- ! ! ! ! Recommended Action Attempt to diagnose the error using data provided by SYNADF. F ! +---+ 18a This diagram models the commands: 18b ABOR, ACTV, ALLO, BYTE, DELE, HELP, MODE, NOOP, PASV, QUIT, SITE, SOCK, STAT, STRU, TYPE. 18b1 NWG/RFC# 640 JBP NJN 5-JUN-74 Details Last Modified: Last Year Last Modified By: kmarsh Type: ERRMSG Rated 2 stars based on 430 votes.

Page type unknown. ページ構造のタイプの問題で実行できない 552 Requested file action aborted. ディスク容量の問題で実行できない 553 Requested action not taken. ファイル名が間違っているため実行できない 別表1 FTPのレスポンスコード一覧 Home Skip to content Skip to footer Worldwide [change] Log In Account Register My They may be ignored by the User-process as they are only information for the human user. 10c The three digits of the reply each have a special significance. For example, if you receive a 331 error, you can look at the table below and see that a 331 error indicates that your username is authorized and now you need System code is xxx-rc Explanation During either End-of-Volume (EOV) or close processing, the data management DCB ABEND exit was driven.