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A higher level nonstandard code created by Microsoft. 250 Requested file action okay, completed. 257 "PATHNAME" created. 300 Series The command has been accepted, but the requested action is on hold, CURLE_RTSP_SESSION_ERROR (86) Mismatch of RTSP Session Identifiers. You or your administrator can use this report to further diagnose connection problems. The server will not delete this directory while there are files/folders in it.

could not be renamed to target file name ... The server cannot open connection in active mode. CURLE_GOT_NOTHING (52) Nothing was returned from the server, and under the circumstances, getting nothing is considered an error. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FTP_server_return_codes

Ftp Error Codes

This error code is used for more than just FTP and is aliased as CURLE_WEIRD_SERVER_REPLY since 7.51.0. Access denied Server refused our key Permission denied Server sent disconnect message type 2 (protocol error): "Too many authentication failures for root" Unable to use this private key file, Couldn't load STATUS:> [8/10/2010 4:06:28 PM] Host name sftp.examplehost.com resolved: ip = This action successfully completes, and the data connection is closed. 227 Entering Passive Mode. (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2) 230 User logged in, proceed.

The user may not have sufficient account privileges on the remote server. A callback returned "abort" to libcurl. No matter what, using the curl_easy_setopt option CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER is a good idea as it will give you a human readable error string that may offer more details about the cause of Ftp Error 421 Service Not Available CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_RETR_FILE (19) This was either a weird reply to a 'RETR' command or a zero byte transfer complete.

CURLM_OUT_OF_MEMORY (3) You are doomed. Sftp Error Codes Search for: Most Popular Posts Key Steps to an Effective Presentation Things Cops Know (and want the public to know) A Brief Explanation of Hexadecimal Numbers Do we Need a Federal Informatica has very limited information about this. https://kb.globalscape.com/KnowledgebaseArticle10606.aspx What i can suggest is you can write the target file in local file system and in post command you can FTP the file and if you dont want the file

Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) Could not load file or assembly 'file:///...\WinSCPnet.dll' or one of its dependencies. Ftp Error 500 Re: FTP Connection Timeout Issue in PC Nirmal Govindprasad Jan 8, 2016 5:38 AM (in response to rrondla) Hi,Looks like while writing the target data, session is taking time between each It is difficult to assign a meaning to "transient", particularly when two distinct sites (Server- and User-processes) have to agree on the interpretation. In this case the server is required to provide meaningful description of the error itself (see above).

Sftp Error Codes

a request sent by WinSCP to the server). https://winscp.net/eng/docs/sftp_codes Append * mask to select all files in the folder. Ftp Error Codes This reply is useful only to the human user. 215 NAME system type. Ftp Error 426 The signature was not verified.

The specified time-out period was reached according to the conditions. CURLE_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (47) Too many redirects. of China India - English New Zealand Southeast Asia (Includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) - English 中国 中國香港特別行政區 台灣 日本 한국 Commonwealth of Independent States Includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Before version 7.20.0 this could be returned by curl_multi_perform, but in later versions this return code is never used. Ftp Return Codes Mainframe

If you want to remove the directory, first archive or delete the files in it. 10068 Too many users, server is full. The User-process is discouraged from repeating the exact request (in the same sequence). All rights reserved.Privacy Policy Enter Email Address... This status code appears after the client sends the correct password.

In this case, the text is exact and not left to the particular implementation; it must read: MARK yyyy = mmmm where yyyy is User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server's Sftp Error Code 255 It may be returned by the server if the server does not implement an operation. 9 Invalid handle The handle value was invalid. 10 No such path The file path does Also In This Category WebHelp not displaying properly in browser Does Globalscape have a replacement for CuteSITE Builder?

Ensure entered parameters are correct. 530 User not logged in.

CURLE_ABORTED_BY_CALLBACK (42) Aborted by callback. Then you have a good chance to have this session complete without timeouts.If you're using more than one input / target / lookup file, then increase the number "three" in my In the 289 days Since 1 Jan, 2016 there were 1,920,738 Defensive Uses of personal firearms. From The Galleries Categories Administrivia (7) Amusements (9) Archive (1) Business (3) Commentary (53) Communications Ftp 530 CURLE_FTP_PORT_FAILED (30) The FTP PORT command returned error.

WinSCP does not use the code. 7 Connection lost The connection to the server was lost. Change the file name or delete spaces/special characters in the file name. 10,000 series Common Winsock Error Codes (complete list of Winsock error codes) 10054 Connection reset by peer. The supplied message is incomplete. So if you are getting some error message while using SFTP or SCP protocols (particularly while connecting), you may check also the common error messages in PuTTY documentation.

CURLM_BAD_SOCKET (5) The passed-in socket is not a valid one that libcurl already knows about. (Added in 7.15.4) CURLM_UNKNOWN_OPTION (6) curl_multi_setopt() with unsupported option (Added in 7.15.4) CURLM_ADDED_ALREADY (7) An easy CURLE_RANGE_ERROR (33) The server does not support or accept range requests. CURLE_REMOTE_ACCESS_DENIED (9) We were denied access to the resource given in the URL. Yes No Submit No Comment By clicking Submit, you accept the Adobe Terms of Use.

CURLE_HTTP_RETURNED_ERROR (22) This is returned if CURLOPT_FAILONERROR is set TRUE and the HTTP server returns an error code that is >= 400. CURLE_RECV_ERROR (56) Failure with receiving network data. x1x Information These are replies to requests for information, such as status or help. CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT (43) Internal error.

Max supported packet size is 102400 B Command failed with return code 127 (or 255) WinSCP was not able to determine application that was started to open the file. CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT (28) Operation timeout.