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Your cache administrator is webmaster. You see two people who obviously have a connection, and when you read the text you imagine they’re out on the open road with no particular destination, just going wherever the It makes clear sense and you’d get the gist even if you didn’t read the error code.32. To learn more techniques for perfecting the art and science of web design, check out the free e-book Web Design Best Practices. http://blogeurope.net/error-page/funny-404-page-error.php

If this is not a page, then what is it? What was once there no longer is, and you can see it in the photography.36. Being a little tongue in cheek never hurt anybody, and most of the time humor is appreciated. STG.This 404 page is definitely tongue in cheek. iStockPhoto Pin it 33.

404 Error Page Template

All screenshots © their respective owners. Source: Pillars of Great Design With that in mind, being denied access to where we want to go and seeing a 404 page will make us feel… not so great. For more brilliant 404 pages, we highly recommend this analysis of 33 error pages from Creative Bloq. Keep it ConciseYou can have a beautiful 404 page that is ridiculously simple.

Make it RelatableUse imagery the audience can relate to, as they’re more likely to form a relationship with your brand. Hugo FrancaThe imagery in this 404 page is relatable both to If it can, consider doing it on your 404 page. Behance/Andrei MoldovanThis floral company swapped out the zero in 404 for a flower, an appropriate switch. A classic photo of Lionel Richie paired with one of his famous song lyrics makes this page very successful. 404 Page Not Found It looks sad and sorry that the page is missing, and the text in the green bar makes it seem helpful.

Look, if you drop ice cream on the floor, clean it up, right?09. Error Page Template Bootstrap MailChimpDon't make the monkey angry...The designers at ultra-hip email newsletter service MailChimp have morphed the company's well-known monkey into a Hulk-type character, complete with animated smoke, to signify a broken link. Work Personal Education SubscribeThanks for signing up!You're almost there! This error page for Home Star Runner, which features amusing characters, downloads, and games, shouts "404'd" at you when you first arrive on the page.

Could it be shown visually in a creative way? 404 Error Page Html Code If you don’t have a Error 404 page on your website or blog, you should probably start thinking of creating one. Share Events About Team Advertise Jobs Contact © 2006–2016 The Next Web B.V. The Wall Pin it 23.

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It can help create separation in your design where it’s needed. Handmade StudioIn this page the 404 is boxed in in rectangles, giving it the effect of a clock. anchor Show a SceneCreate a scene in your 404 page. 404 Error Page Template It matches the branding (the logo is a whale) and fits with the light blue color scheme. 500 Error Page Is it a thing that can be truly said to exist?

Use your hands and create something three-dimensional. Behance/Olga ShipiloThis page uses hand made clay figures rather than flat illustrations. this content Everyone knows why he or she ended up there, so it’s absolutely fine to show a literal representation. EleksHere there is a robot (representing the website, or the internet in general) To learn how to master the art of persuasive design, download the free e-book Interaction Design Best Practices: Time & Behavior. ff0000 Pin it 36. 404 Error Message Text

ideapaint Pin it 38. The symbol could be literal or figurative as long is it makes sense. Dribbble/Ron EvgeniyThis page uses a broken pencil as symbolism for the broken link that brought you there in Everything is balanced and not too overwhelming.42. weblink Habrahabr Pin it 28.

Share with us in the comments. Error 404 Text Message Prank Design Resources - Jun 20 Free Icons: 49 Best Sites To Find Beautiful And Useful ... Why not make a game of it… Source: Blue Fountain Media … sometimes literally.

The contrast between the dark red and black adds more dimension, separating itself from the rest.

To learn more clever interaction design techniques, download the free e-book, Interaction Design Best Practices: Time & Behavior. Include a Search Bar — In the same vein as the above tip, include a search bar to help your user continue browsing without too much interruption. This time, it's rabbits nibbling the cables -- a nod to their rabbit logo. 21) IconFinder Don't you hate it when webpages get lost in space? Simple 404 Page Html Below we’ll explain some of our favorite 404 pages, and why they make us love the site more, not less.

The image relates to the text, and the red filter gives the photo a more intense appearance.48. Apart from design and writing, she loves all things beauty. Don’t feel the need to be muted just because it’s a 404 page. Juicy GraphicsThis 404 page uses a bright pop of orange on their 404 page. check over here The illustrations become more cartoon like and approachable. Behance/Diogo MarquettiThis 404 page really stylizes the illustration.

CSS NinjasCSS Ninjas is another example of the web design world's love of ninjasAnother example of the web design world's love of ninjas, this 404 page features a nice simple illustration Instead of spacing out the astronaut and text, they chose to put them all together. Box it InExperiment with boxing in your letters and numbers. Source: Worrydream Pop culture references are also popular on 404 pages (because if you can’t be funny, reference someone who is).

All Rights Reserved. Be IllustrativeIllustration is incredibly popular and appreciated. Jackrabbit Pin it 12. Use PatternsYou can make a pattern out of nearly anything.

Embrace TextureFlat color is the web standard, so using texture as an element of your page can really set you apart from the rest. Behance/Damien PereiraFlat color is still used in If you go too far, you can always go back, but if you don’t push you’ll never know what could be. Dribbble/Jazmine KohlIn this 404 page there is quite a bit Good Dog Design Pin it 18. Image Credit: Crayon 19) LEGO No copy needed on LEGO's 404 error page: They let their characters do the talking.

It might push any boundaries but it at least give you an idea of Dan's style, and encourages you to click through to the rest of his work.03. Get it for free Canva logo Empowering the world to design. The Undeniable Power of Emotional Connections Not to undermine the importance of functionality, usability, and the service provided, but the emotional connection a user feels to the site will most often Vasa Museet Pin it 15.

Create ContrastCreate contrast so your page doesn’t fall flat. Follow us on social media. 1.65M followers 763K likes CSS Design Awards Search Menu Winners Nominees Judges Dex Jobs Articles Logo Wall About Submit Web Design & Development Articles The international South West TrainsThe regularity of this service is a little incongruous, to be honestSouth West Trains recently launched a new site (which you can read all about in issue 284 of It creates a scene to house the 404 message as well as gives you ‘someone’ to give direction.

Dribbble Pin it 40. OBJ + ADJ Pin it 14. We’ve previously showcased you 50 Nice And Creative Error 404 Pages, but the Internet is full of creative webmasters. A 404 error is a standard HTTP error message code that means the website you were trying to reach couldn't be found on the server.It's a client-side error, meaningeither the webpage